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ALL PRICES ARE VAT INCLUDED for the Italian market.

For the European market : PRICES AREWITHOUT VAT (to see the prices - in the currency section, choose your country).

Attention!!! Cans are considered consumer products and not collectibles. Some cans may have dents or manufacturing defects, we do not assume responsibility for this type of defect and refunds are not given on cans already dented from the factory, the cans are shipped in sealed packages, for collectible cans we invite you to visit our section on the B2C website.


Tail Lifts (tail lifts) can only lift a maximum of 750 kg and pallets with a maximum length of 2.1 meters (210 cm). Any pallet over 750kg in weight or 2.1 meters in length, we recommend splitting the pallet into two half pallets or having access to a forklift at both the collection and delivery point.