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Dr Sour Blister Mouth Dispencer - Super Sour Caramelise Dispenser (18g)

Dr Sour Blister Mouth Dispencer - Super Sour Caramelise Dispenser (18g)

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Dr. Sour Mouth Dispenser with Sour Balls is a playful, portable candy dispenser designed to provide a dose of sour excitement. Shaped like a mouth, this quirky dispenser expels tangy sour pellets, delivering a burst of intense flavor with every press. Perfect for those who love a spicy treat on the go, this dispenser is not only a fun novelty, but also a convenient way to satisfy sour candy cravings anywhere, anytime.

Ingredients and Nutritional Values: 


Nutritional values ​​(per 100 g): Energy/Energy 1811kJ/433kcal, Fat/Vet 6.4g, of which saturated fat/waarvan verzadigd vet 4.7g, Carbohydrates/Kooolhydraten 92.6g, of which sugars/van welke suikers 88.7g, Protein/ Eiwit 0g, Salt/Zout 0g.



Sugar, magnesium stearate (E470b), acidity regulator (E330), glucose syrup, gum arabic (E414), flavouring, colors (E141, E162, E163), glazing agent (E903, E904).



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