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Huligan Pretzel Crush Honey Mustard Sauce

Huligan Pretzel Crush Honey Mustard Sauce

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At The Huligan production center, they took their baked pretzels, crushed them into smaller pieces, and topped them with delicious sauces to make them even tastier!

The perfect addictive snack for beer or wine!

Savory snack
No palm oil
Without added glutamates
with yeast

wheat flour, sunflower oil, spices honey and mustard sauce 10% [sugar, maltodextrin (tapioca, corn), edible salt, whey powder, flavourings, onions, rice flour, honey 2.5% , citric acid, mustard (ground mustard) 1.2%, calcium phosphate, silica], Sugar, Edible salt, Yeast, Rosemary extract, Icing: sodium hydroxide

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