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Jelly Belly Assorted 20 Flavors mix 70g

Jelly Belly Assorted 20 Flavors mix 70g

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Jelly bellies are gelatin candies, of American origin, with a typical bean shape, from which they take the typical name "jelly beans". In 1976 the JB company had the idea to create new types of jelly sweets. In the same year, the first eight flavors with natural flavors were created:

  • cherry
  • lemon
  • cream
  • mandarin
  • green apple
  • root beer
  • grape
  • licorice

Now there are 50 flavors. The name comes from the fact that they are soft (Jelly) and pot-bellied (belly) candies. In 1983, NASA sent a pack of Jelly Belly into space on the Challenger mission. Now the diffusion of these sweets is worldwide.


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