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Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Flaming Five Challenge - Spicy candy with 5 different chili peppers (54g)

Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Flaming Five Challenge - Spicy candy with 5 different chili peppers (54g)

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It's time for the Spicy challenge with the Bean Boozled Flaming Five game from Jelly Belly! Challenge your friends with this new version of the game from the brand of American sweets in a special hot version! Everyone spins the wheel so that chance chooses which spicy sweet they get to eat! Oh yes, that's right, our favorite American sweets are now chilli-flavoured and not just any random thing... Jelly Belly has chosen to offer you 5 flavors of the strongest chili peppers in the world: Carolina Reaper Habanero Cayenne Sriracha and Jalapeño! So who has the courage to try it? Flavors present inside: Sriracha, Jalapeno, Cayenne, Habanero, Carolina Reaper Ingredients and Nutritional Values:
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Ingredients sugar, corn syrup, modified food starch, 2% or less of: jalapeño pepper puree, carolina reaper chili pepper puree, habanero pepper puree, acidity regulator E330, preservative E262ii, preservative E260, antioxidant E325, natural flavors and artificial, vegetable and fruit juice (for colour), color E133, color E133-E132, color E129*, color E129*, color E102*, color E102*-E110*, color E100ii, maltodextrin, icing E901, icing E903, confectionery glaze, salt. *May have negative effects on children's activity and attention.
Nutritional values (per 100ml): energy value 367Kcal, lipids 0g (of which saturated fats 0g), carbohydrates 90g (of which sugars 66.7g), proteins 0g, salt 0.4g.


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