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Monster Beast

Monster Nasty Beast Hard Tea Lemonade 355 ml FULL

Monster Nasty Beast Hard Tea Lemonade 355 ml FULL

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Monster Nasty Beast Hard Tea Original 12OZ (355ml). ATTENTION: Below are some product examples: - GOOD: The can is in perfect condition and/or may have some factory micro dents. However, the can remains in excellent condition with very small or no dents. - DENTED: The can has more than one factory/shipping dent. The dents do not affect the appearance of the can and it can still be collected. - DAMAGED: The can is completely damaged, it has several factory and/or transport dents. The can may also have some "drafts". THIS CAN CONTAINS 6% ALCOHOL. NB: SOME CANS MAY HAVE FACTORY OR TRANSPORT DENTS. NO REFUNDS ARE MADE. ATTENTION: THE SALE OF THIS CAN IS ONLY PERMITTED TO PEOPLE AGE 18 OR OVER. TO ORDER, INSERT YOUR TAX CODE IN THE NOTES. ALL ORDERS WITHOUT A TAX CODE WILL BE CANCELLED!


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