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Monster Tour Water - Deep Well Water Still (473 ml) (cans with dents)

Monster Tour Water - Deep Well Water Still (473 ml) (cans with dents)

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some cans have factory and/or shipping dents sku: 1122 N

Pure clean water is the elixir of life. Put it in a can please, that would be nice. We need it now or the buses won't run, the bands won't play. That, my friend, would be a bad day. "So said Kevin Lyman, Circus Master of the Punked Out Vans Warped Tour Anno Domini 2003. Of course, we stepped up and did the original "Tour Water". We've been doing it for our events, artists and athletes ever since, but We've never made it available to our biggest fans. Until now it's... We've tracked down the great tasting water from local sources to reduce the effect of transportation. I've packaged it in infinitely recyclable aluminum cans and I dug some of the original Tour Water art for the can graphics, just to make it look sexy. It doesn't give you energy, but WTF you have to drink water sometimes, otherwise you'll die. Monster Tour Water, previously exclusive to Monster Musicians and Athletes, is now available to everyone. Tour Water - Sparkling Deep Well Water is pure drinking water, sourced locally in the USA with added sparkling carbonation packaged in an infinitely recyclable can. - free extra protection on all orders. NB: SOME CANS MAY HAVE FACTORY OR TRANSPORT DENTS. NO REFUNDS ARE MADE.


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