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Fluff Marshmallow Strawberry

Fluff Marshmallow Strawberry

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Marhsmallow Fluff is the typical American spread. The sweet and frothy strawberry cream is also suitable on ice cream and as a cake cream. You can also use this tender creation in hot or cold milk and fruit salad. Our tip: Just spread one piece of toast with marshmallow fluff, a second slice with peanut butter, and push both halves together. Your US breakfast is ready! INGREDIENTS and NUTRITIONAL VALUES: Ingredients: corn syrup, sugar, egg white, natural and artificial flavors, beet juice (color). Allergen information: Contains eggs. Nutritional values ​​(per 100g): energy 1393kJ/333kcal, lipids 0g (of which saturated fats 0g), carbohydrates 83.3g (of which sugars 50g), proteins 0g, salt 0.1g


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