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Jelly Fruit Ju-C Tik Tok

Jelly Fruit Ju-C Tik Tok

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The most loved candy on the planet! Who knew that such a funky, fun, and juicy tropical jelly candy could not only taste this amazing, but also become a huge hit online? These Jelly Bites are a brand new breed of tropical jelly candy bites that are not only bursting with juicy, fruity flavors, but have become the hottest candy on the entire planet thanks to the viral TikTok #jellyfruitchallenge. This challenge alone has garnered nearly 50,000,000 views on social media and even caught the attention of social media icon and billionaire Kylie Jenner. There is simply no other candy that can compare. Jelly Bite Fruity candies come in a complete set of 9 assorted pieces. Each piece is loaded with a tantalizing fruity flavor that will explode in your mouth. Flavors include apple, grape, orange, strawberry, pineapple and many more. Jelly Bite not only tastes amazing, but it's great fun for both kids of all ages and adults. Once you've experienced the explosion of POP fruity flavor in your mouth, you'll quickly realize why they've not only become a huge hit online, but also why people are flocking to join the wildly popular TikTok #jellyfruitchallenge. ALL IMAGES ARE INSERTED FOR ILLUSTRATIVE PURPOSES. PRODUCTS MAY SUBJECT TO CHANGES.


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