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Monster Energy Java Irish Crème (**dents)

Monster Energy Java Irish Crème (**dents)

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ATTENTION ! COMMERCIAL CANS. THE "COLLECTOR'S" CANS WILL BE AVAILABLE WITH SUBSEQUENT ARRIVALS (END OF JUNE). We try to ensure the cans are in the best condition available in stock.

**See note at the end of the page.

Introducing the new and improved Java Monster Irish Crème! Java Monster Irish Crème is premium coffee + cream supercharged with the legendary Monster Energy blend.

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443 ml


1023 No


**nb: Due to popular demand for the New Monster Energy 2024 Flavors, the first shipments will be shipped with cans that may have factory or shipping dents. More Restocks will arrive by the end of the month. With the next ones, we will try to send cans in "Perfect Condition". The price will be unchanged.


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